Imaging/Observing Opportunity: Comet Siding Spring Near Miss with Mars October 19


Image Credit: Comet Siding Spring by Damian PeachThe Astronomical League is working with NASA to bring you some special
observing opportunities and awards.  The first of these is coming up very
soon.  It is to celebrate the flyby of Mars by Comet Siding-Spring.  The
target date is October 19, 2014.  Submissions must be made to the NASA
website by December 19, 2014.

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Sketching Observing Award

Why sketch at the eyepiece? Well the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" may apply here. Introducing the new Astronomical League Sketching Observing Award.
Before some of you say "but I can't sketch” understand that the Sketching Observing Award was not created for "artists". It is for everyone regardless of the level of observing experience or artistic ability.  If you can put a pencil mark to paper, if you can make a smudge with your finger, you have the ability to complete this award. The main focus of the program is not to make artists out of amateur astronomers but to help slow down the observing process and improve observing skills over time.
The process of sketching can be intimidating for some that have never attempted it before but with some patience and practice you will be surprised that over time your ability to record what you observe will improve. There are tutorial links and other resources listed on the AL Sketching Observing Award webpage that are highly informative and recommended for those new to sketching astronomical objects. There are also advanced tips for more detailed sketching and for those with more experience.
We hope this award will help you gain a greater appreciation for sketching astronomical objects and enhance your skills in recording the details of your observations.

What's Up with the Astronomical League - September 2014


In this issue:

  • 50 foot dish needs new home
  • Presentation of 4th place Horkheimer/O'Meara Journalism Award to Evan Andracek
  • AAS 2nd 2017 Eclipse Workshop in Columbia, MO

 Photo courtesy Tom Martinez
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What's Up with the Astronomical League - August 2014


In this issue:

  • Survey of night sky star gazing in Illionois
  • Update on League's Involvement with the Harvard Observatory Project
  • New Observing Award Programs Approved at ALCon 2014

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Survey: Stargazing at Illinois state parks.


Dear Illinois Astronomical League members and friends, and those who live in the neighboring states of Illinois:

In an e-mail conversation with Chicago Astronomical Society President Audrey Fischer, Elizabeth Norden of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources has requested input from the Illinois Astronomy community.

If this is something in which you’d like to participate, please fill in the survey below  email to:

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