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Photo at left was taken in 2007 and is provided courtesy of Tippy D'Auria. From left to right are Tippy D'Auria, Jack Horkheimer, and Don Parker.










The Jack Horkheimer Service Award is presented to any Astronomical League member under age 19 on the date of the application.  This program recognizes exceptional service by high school-age League astronomers, either directly or through service to any Astronomical League society.  Service can be in the form of educational outreach, knowledge and skills at public star parties, or other astronomical service.

2010 marks the 13th year for the League’s Jack Horkheimer Award for Exceptional Service.  The award program is named in honor of Jack Horkheimer, the Star Gazer,  who for many years generously supported this program. 

Three service awards are presented:

Horkheimer/Smith Award:

The Horkheimer/Smith Award is named in honor of Arthur P. Smith, Jr.  Art Smith was president of the Astronomical League from 1964-66, and he inspired Mr. Horkheimer to become active in astronomy.  The Horkheimer/Smith first-place winner each year is given an all-expenses-paid trip to ALCon, the League’s national convention. 


The first-place winner receives a plaque and $1,000 check at the convention. All finalists receive complimentary memberships in the International Dark-Sky Association.  In addition, Celestron, Inc. provides one of its outstanding telescopes to the Horkheimer/Smith winner.


Horkheimer/Parker Award:

The Horkheimer/Parker Award is named for Don Parker.  Dr. Parker, a retired physician from Coral Gables, Flori­da, has had a lifelong interest in astronomy.  Among his many accomplishments, he is a past director of the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO) and currently serves on the board of that organization. 


Horkheimer/D’Auria Award:

This award is named in honor of Matthew (Tippy) D’Auria.  Tippy is an electronics engineer, and has degrees in electronic engineering technology and computer integrated manufacturing.  He has been an active astronomer since 1980. He is the founder of the Winter Star Party, which is sponsored by the Southern Cross Astronomical Society.


A $1,000 check and plaque is given to the Horkheimer/Parker and Horkheimer/D’Auria first-place finishers as well.


Judges for the program comprise former presidents of the Astronomical League.


Process for Nomination

In order to apply for this award, please complete the 2014 application form and follow the instructions exactly as listed on the application form.  Packets should be emailed in PDF electronic format to HorkheimerService@Astroleague.org.  Additional information regarding the award can be received using this same email address.


Previous Award Winners


The 2011 Horkheimer Service Award Winner:


Horkheimer/Smith award winner: Courtney Flonta, Back Bay Amateur Astronomers, Virginia Beach, Virginia







The 2010 Horkheimer Service Award Winners:

Horkheimer/Smith (1st place):  Christian Borao from Stevenson Ranch, California, a member of The Local Group Astronomy Club

Horkheimer/Parker (1st place):  Caroline Moore from Warwick, New York

Horkheimer/D’Auria (1st place)Catlin Ahrens from Fairmont, West Virginia, Central Appalachian Astronomy Club

Christian Barao with Celestron CEO Joe Lupica and Marketing Manager Michelle Meskill




The 2010 Horkheimer Service Award winner Christian Borao with Celestron CEO Joe Lupica and Celestron Marketing Manager Michelle Meskill.

Photo courtesy International Dark Sky Association







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